English Garden Hanging Baskets

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Add a bit of rustic charm with our traditional English Garden Hanging Baskets. These heavy-duty hanging baskets are made for the commercial environment, and are a popular choice for city beautification projects, shopping malls, theme parks, and other outdoor areas. Sturdy and durable, these industrial-grade hanging baskets are made from heavy-duty steel, including heavy gauge steel chains and hanging hook, allowing them to withstand extreme heat and freezing conditions with no problem. Plus, the real Coconut Coir Liners that come standard with these baskets will ensure healthy, aerated soil—which means healthy, beautiful blooms!

Features & Benefits

  • Made from sturdy, rust-resistant steel
  • Perfect for city beautification projects and commercial areas
  • Large sizes available for commercial projects


  • Fiberglass inserts for water retention
  • Self-watering reservoirs


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