Simple Arch Hanging Basket Bracket

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Constructed out of steel, and powder-coated to resist rust, our contemporary Simple Arch Wall Mount Bracket will hang your flower baskets with style, but will keep the focus on your baskets that are brimming with the flowers you have cultivated for the season. The sturdy steel back plate has 4 installation points and measures 3" wide x 15" height. The steel arm that holds the flower basket extends out 20". Hand-crafted from steel for years of use, this heavy duty bracket along with our hanging baskets will add charm and grace to your landscaping.

These graceful plant hangers are designed to withstand even rigorous use, allowing you to present even heavier pots and hanging baskets with ease. Whether you have a display that is cascading with flowers and vines, or you want to grow smaller edibles right on the patio due to limited yard or gardening space, this bracket gives you the stability and portability you need. When paired with a coordinating decorative post, it'll even allow you to take the gardening activities beyond the patio, with easy installation anywhere there's stable ground. The black finish works well with most any exterior decor, but custom color options may also be available upon request.