Titan GFRC Planter

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Titan Weathered Stone Planters are named for their extra-large size, which easily accommodates trees, shrubs, topiaries, and plants of all kinds. Heavy-duty enough to support trees, root systems, and soil, they are made from a mix of fiberglass and concrete, giving them the weathered look of stone but at a lighter weight than concrete and stone planters. Perfect for lining walkways, courtyards, patios, pools, and other spaces both indoors or out, Titan planters are also great for dividing spaces and providing privacy. Their study construct endures any types of climates and conditions, including freeze/thaw and commercial environments that get a large amount of traffic. And with a selection of 10 colors  you can customize your Titan planter to the look (and size) you need for each of your commercial projects.

Custom work available for all your projects.