Site Amenities

Site Amenities

Furnish properties in style with commercial furniture and supplies. The right site amenities are essential to the flow and utility of a property, from park benches for lounging to custom trash receptacles for waste disposal. Keeping a space clean, organized and usable is number one on our clients' lists, so it follows that we've assembled this comprehensive product selection including everything from hospitality recycling to decorative outdoor urns.

Site amenities are made from a variety of commercial-grade materials like fiberglass, composites, GFRC concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastics and wood. Find traditional wooden park benches or give commercial furniture a weatherproof edge in watertight fiberglass designs. Hospitality recycling and custom trash receptacles are also represented here to encourage responsible discards and cut down on litter. Pick individual products or plan an across-the-board site amenity solution, all from one convenient online store.

Site Amenities

Decorative wall panels
Wall Panels
  • Made to look like wood, metal, concrete and bark
  • Use them as wall decor, office partitions and sign backing
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Space dividers and partitions
Space Dividers
  • Browse boxwood hedges, trellises, bamboo and more
  • Create privacy, direct traffic, define a space or hide an eyesore
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Dock box accessories
Fiberglass Spheres
  • Great for accenting architectural columns
  • Decorative benefits and only a fraction of the weight
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Custom manufactured trash receptacles
Trash Receptacles
  • Stylish and functional designs, lightweight durability
  • Available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles
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Fiberglass planter benches
Planter Benches
  • Modern designs for upscale indoor/outdoor style
  • Durable materials include fiberglass, PVC, concrete and wood
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Custom dock boxes and deck storage
Dock Boxes
  • Hide tools, toys and more with attractive storage boxes
  • Durable styles made from fiberglass, composite and redwood
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  1. Large Fiberglass Spheres
    Large Fiberglass Spheres

    Starting at $448.85

  2. Flora Round Trash Receptacle
    Flora Round Trash Receptacle

    Starting at $407.85

  3. Bordeaux Square Trash Receptacle
  4. Athens Round Trash Receptacle
  5. Astro Round Trash Receptacle
    Astro Round Trash Receptacle

    Starting at $371.85

  6. Madera Faux Wood Wall Panels
    Madera Faux Wood Wall Panels

    Starting at $566.85

  7. Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes
    Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes

    Starting at $2,154.85

  8. faux hedge
  9. Textured Fiberstone Wall Panel
  10. Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes
    Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes

    Starting at $2,317.85

  11. Board Formed Concrete Wall Panels
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Make commercial design efficient and attractive using quality-grade site amenities. This assortment of products addresses the practical, like hospitality recycling and trash; and the aesthetic - like attractive commercial furniture for parks and campuses. Find single pieces to satisfy one project goal or assemble a cohesive system of site furnishings, all available online at Planters Unlimited.

Site Amenities with Style

Picking items like park benches, storage units, bike racks and trash receptacles is crucial to the way a commercial space is used and maintained. Site amenities establish and reinforce the flow of a property by delineating space, controlling pedestrian flow and marking spots for the disposal of waste. The right pieces will efficiently serve the usability of a site without distracting from the overall feel.

This selection of products features everything from custom trash receptacles to decorative outdoor urns. We work with city planners, architects, commercial designers and property owners to set up a site amenity system that serves the goals of their unique project. And all products are made from commercial-grade materials designed for long-term visual appeal and durability.

Commercial Furniture in Many Materials

Commercial furniture and site amenities are made from industry leading materials like PVC composites, fiberglass, resin, recycled polyethylene, stainless steel, wood and GFRC concrete. Depending on the application, each piece serves its purpose in terms of a look and function. And for weatherproof durability, items like fiberglass park benches and custom trash receptacles prove invaluable in terms of lowering long-term maintenance budgets.

Browse the assortment of trash bins, recycling receptacles, park and storage benches, commercial furniture and other commercial site furnishings by clicking on product categories above. A Planters Unlimited project manager is available to help each and every step of the way. And for clients looking to build a comprehensive system of commercial site amenities, please call toll free to discuss project specs and bulk ordering.