UV Outdoor Rated Macroacantha Divider in Planter

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Design your commercial landscaping using low maintenance Outdoor Rated Agave Macroacanthas in Modern Planters.   Each planter is made with great attention to detail out of fiberglass.   Fiberglass is a superior material to construct planters out of as they are light weight, yet incredibly strong and resilient to weather, sun, and foot traffic.  Our fiberglass planters are painted using automotive grade paint in 9 curated colors, with 2 finishes of semi-gloss or matte to choose from.   The Agave Macroacantha's are especially well made with a great deal of detail, and the material is all UV resistant, so it can take the full sun without fading.   These agaves are 24" in height, but when mounted will add approximately 16-18" to the overall height of your planter.

  • Due to variation in mounting, overall height could vary +/- 3in
  • Features our 24in Agave when mounted adds 16-18" to planter height
  • Outdoor Rated Agave stand up to full exterior exposure
  • Drain holes included for proper drainage in case of outdoor use
  • Our Agave are mounted using affixed lightweight foam with a natural moss topper
  • See buy box for available size/color/finish configurations
  • Many custom sizes and options are available outside of what is called out on the product page, give us a call to discuss your project needs.