Oil Rubbed Bronze Galvanized 2-in-1 Window Box or Liner

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Galvanized Window Boxes can be used as liners or as standalone planters as long as the length of the boxes are adequately supported. Each tapered sheet metal window box is formed, galvanized and then powder coated in a beautiful bronze finish that looks like it's been rubbed with bronze oil. These window boxes are designed to be supported with one or two pairs of 8" window box shelf brackets (1 pair for lengths to 48", 60" and 72" require 2 pairs).

Each of our Oil Rubbed Bronze Window Boxes/Liners features a drainage hole to help plants stay happy and healthy. The warm bronze finish isn't just attractive, it's protective! Powder coating is a weather treating process in which the paint is actually baked right onto the metal, for a longer lasting, higher quality product. You can also add these lightweight planter boxes to balcony railings with railing shelf brackets. Custom length planters available by request, call or click to chat!

  • Due to handcrafted nature measurements may fluctuate  +/- .5"