Banded Round GFRC Planter

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With its minimalist design and intricate details, Banded Round Cast Stone Planters are a perfect complement to park pathways, foyers, or outdoor dining areas where a little added color or barriers are needed. Bands across the sides and a generous rolled lip maintain a realistic, smooth stone appearance, while the simplistic styling allows your plants to stand out and shine. Choose from many finish options to pair the façade seamlessly with your existing or upcoming interior or exterior decor. You may also personalize the look further with your own logo, lettering and additional details that make for unique outdoor planters that are customized to reflect your personality or brand.

These round planter pots are also made with lasting function at the forefront. They combine concrete strength with flexible fiberglass for something that is lightweight, strong, and highly resistant to the harsh weather extremes. The glass fibers reinforce the planter walls, making them ideal for use in locations with extreme temperatures or inclement weather, where solid stone items may become damaged.

Shop a range of planter sizes online, or call to discuss your exact personalization needs with our design experts. You're sure to find the ideal combination of features, and our manufacturing professionals will deliver with superior precision and attention to every detail.