Laguna PVC Cleat Mount Window Box

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Cleat Mounted Laguna Window Box Details:

  • Easy install; mount cleat to wall, and window box hangs on cleat
  • PVC material wont deteriorate like wood, resistant to moisture
  • Make it self watering with optional reservoirs that fit inside box
  • Add 1.25" in length for trim, width with trim 8.7", height 8"
  • Custom sizes available, call us for a quote (888) 320-0626

The Laguna Window Box offers a simple and clean look with a 1-5/8 inch molding along the top and bottom. Part of our PVC collection, the Laguna has optional decorative Faux Brackets shown in the picture.  Keep plants healthy and thriving while reducing the frequency of watering by adding a reservoir to your window box. All brackets are sold separately and are for decorative purposes (not for support) and can be attached to the bottom of the box via PVC cement (recommended) or wood screws at your discretion - cement and/or screws not included.

These boxes utilize our unique Cleat Mount feature (see thumbnail picture below). You simply mount the cleat to your wall and hang the box off the cleat. The cleat is recessed inside the back of the box wall for easy mounting flush to your wall. The cleat is mounted to your wall using lag bolts & washers (purchased separately). Note: mount cleat to studs inside of wall. Window sills have plenty of studs and framing braces beneath windows. If you are mounting to brick or masonry, use lag shields with bolts and mount directly to brick/masonry.

The Laguna window box comes in standard white but can easily be painted to match your home, shutters or roof trim. No liner required: just plant right in the box! Comes with drainage holes. Custom sizes available upon request.