Laguna PVC Direct Mount Window Box

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The Laguna Direct Mount PVC Flower Boxes are made from long-lasting cellular PVC composite. This solid-core plastic material looks and feels precisely like wood, but it will never rot, twist warp, peel or discolor--even in locations that receive afternoon sun. And bugs that eat wood like termites, carpenter ants and beetles will want nothing to do with your PVC flower box, preserving its heavy duty construction for many years to come.

  • PVC flower boxes will never rot
  • Direct mount box bolts securely straight through the back and are compatible with stainless steel railing brackets
  • Shop 24-72" standard sizes online or call for custom planter boxes
  • A cost-effective, high-quality option for small-space window and balcony gardening
  • Decorative trim adds 1.25" to overall length
  • Make any planter self-watering by adding self watering reservoirs 
  • Install under windows, on bare walls or fences, on deck rails or place around the patio as standalone planters
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