Ixora Chenisis / Grass Mix in Modern Armorecoat Corten Planter

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  • Hand-applied liquid metal finish on a fiberglass planter
  • Offers the aesthetic of metal with the advantages of being lightweight and durable
  • Designed with drainage for outdoor use, but suitable for indoor use as well
  • Ixora Chenisis and Grass Mix plants are UV-rated for outdoor applications
  • Explore custom options by requesting a personalized quote!


Planter Size Approx. Overall Height Including Plants UV Outdoor Rated Ixora Chenisis, Count  22" UV Outdoor Rated Grass Bush, Count

36"L x 15"W x 24"H




60"L x 15"W x 24"H

72"H 5 16

84"L x 15"W x 24"H

72"H 7 23


Elevate your outdoor environment with the sophistication of our UV-rated Ixora Chenisis and Grass Mix planted in a Contemporary Armorecoat Corten Planter. This extraordinary planter effortlessly harmonizes style and privacy. Meticulously crafted from lightweight fiberglass, it achieves the aesthetic of a heavy corten steel planter through its meticulously hand-applied "Armorecoat" finish. The Ixora Chenisis trees, featuring lifelike, textured trunks, are accompanied by UV-shielded grasses, creating a lush, low-maintenance landscape. Select from three available sizes or discuss tailored options to match your specific requirements. It is the perfect blend of elegance and resilience within a single, striking ensemble.