Ixora Chenisis in Modern Fiberstone Planter

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  • Fiberstone planter with a selection of 10 expertly applied finishes
  • Offers the appearance of solid stone with enhanced lightweight durability
  • Built-in drainage for outdoor and indoor versatility
  • Ixora Chenisis plants feature UV rating for enduring outdoor use
  • Discover custom possibilities – Request a Quote for personalized solutions!
Planter Size Approx. Overall Height Including Plants UV Outdoor Rated Ixora Chenisis, Count 

36"L x 15"W x 24"H



60"L x 15"W x 24"H

72"H 5

84"L x 15"W x 24"H

72"H 7


Explore the lifelike beauty of our UV-rated Ixora Chenisis showcased within a contemporary Fiberstone Planter. This Ixora Chenisis boasts an array of natural features, from its rugged, authentic trunk to its lush, dark green leaves, effortlessly infusing charm into any setting. The Fiberstone planter, remarkably resembling heavy stone, is surprisingly lightweight, thanks to its exceptional blend of aggregate and fiberglass, offering unmatched durability against the elements. Available in three distinct sizes and an array of finishes, it's the ideal choice for enhancing privacy or creating a serene retreat. And for those seeking a personal touch, customization options are readily available.