Modern Fiberstone Rectangle Planter

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A favorite among landscape architects and trade professionals, our Modern Rectangle Fiberstone planters carry the modern-rustic chic look of cement but a fraction of the weight, and twice the durability. The simple, sleek design of these faux cement planters can be worked into any space. Multi-functional as well as stylish, these faux cement planters are also often used as space dividers and privacy screens, used in groups to act as a border around outdoor patios, balconies, and swimming pools.

And since these faux-cement planters are made from sturdy fiberstone, this means that they have the look of natural stone or cement, but are actually a mix of aggregate and fiberglass, making them weigh substantially less than actual stone. Placed indoors or out, our Modern Rectangle Fiberstone Planters will stand the test of time in any climate or condition—including freeze/thaw and high-traffic areas like shopping malls and city streets. Completely customizable, select from 9 hand applied colors in the size you need for your commercial projects.

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