Modern Fiberstone Square Planter

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Our collection of square fiberstone planters features pieces which are handmade and hand finished by local artisans with years of experience with your specific design needs in mind. These stone looking planters are made from Fiber-stone, a material that excels when you want the look of genuine stone by don't want its negative qualities. Because it adds fiberglass strands to a mix of finely crushed aggregate, Fiberstone is much lighter than cement alone. The fiberglass content also makes it more durable than traditional stone; it won't crack, warp, or crumble in even the worst of environments. Fiberstone also allows us to sell the planters at a fraction of the cost of all-stone products.

This fiberglass and aggregate planter fits in well with any design scheme. Authentic stone color options are hand-applied with 9 distinct colorations. We have pre-set sizes in fiberstone, however, if you need a different size, don't hesitate to call and discuss your design ideas with us. Whether you are building an outdoor shopping mall, planning a new city center, or redecorating a hotel garden, let these modern outdoor planters fill your unique design needs.