Topiary & Grass in Strato Fiberstone Planter

$3,766.00 - $7,713.00
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  • Fiberstone planter crafted from a unique blend of aggregate and fiberglass
  • Captures the appearance of solid stone, yet remains lighter in weight and exceptionally durable
  • Equipped with built-in drainage for outdoor and indoor versatility
  • UV-rated Plum topiaries designed for enduring outdoor use
  • Explore personalized options by requesting a customized quote!
Planter Size Approx. Overall Height Including Plants UV Outdoor Rated 48" Plum Topiary, Count  22" UV Outdoor Rated Grass Bush, Count 17" UV Outdoor Rated Wheat Grass Count

36"L x 30"W x 24"H



8 6

60"L x 30"W x 24"H

78"H 5 12 10

84"L x 30"W x 24"H

78"H 7 17 14


Introducing our exquisite Mini Plum Topiary & Grass ensemble, populated within the chic Strato Fiberstone Planter. A beloved choice among our customers, this planter showcases a unique pattern and is available in three distinct lengths, offering a selection of 10 hand-applied finishes. Despite its substantial appearance, Fiberstone boasts both lightweight and robust qualities, owing to its exceptional fusion of fiberglass and aggregate. Within this planter, we've artfully arranged lifelike UV-rated mini plum topiaries and grasses in various sizes, delivering a striking aesthetic perfect for delineating spaces or ensuring privacy. For those seeking a personalized touch, customization options are readily accessible, allowing you to craft your ideal arrangement.