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Cast Stone Planters

Cast Stone Planters

Cast stone planters are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC, a composite mixture of concrete and fiberglass that mimics the look and feel of actual stone, but at a quarter of the weight. Perfect for high traffic areas, these planters are ideal both indoors and outdoors as they brave inclement weather beautifully due to their flexural strength, which allows them to handle even extreme temperature fluctuations without cracking or warping. Lighter and more economical than concrete and stone planters, our cast stone planters can be made in any style or size, even oversized, and are easier to move into place. They are also ideal for directing foot traffic, providing privacy, separating spaces for different uses, and offering a bit of green, natural beauty to manmade spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Significantly lighter than concrete or stone planters
  • Looks and feels like stone or concrete
  • Made from industrial-grade materials
  • More economical than stone or concrete planters
  • Won’t crack or warp in extreme climates
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas and inclement weather
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  1. Modern Rectangle Faux Cement Planters
  2. Modern Square Cast Stone Planters
  3. Modern Square Tapered Cast Stone Planters
  4. Modern Round Tapered Cast Stone Planters
  5. Surface Planter Collection
  6. Horus Round Cast Stone Planters
  7. Neptune Round Cast Stone Planters
  8. Stella Round Cast Stone Planters
  9. Geo Round Cast Stone Planters
  10. Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planters
  11. Avalon Bowl Cast Stone Planters
  12. Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planters
  13. Conrad Round Cast Stone Planters
  14. Conrad Rectangular Cast Stone Planters
  15. Conrad Square Cast Stone Planters
  16. Brio Round Cast Stone Planters
  17. Kahn Rectangular Cast Stone Planters
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Different Projects, Different Needs

Landscape and design projects require different outdoor planter products based on their applications and environment. These are just two reasons why Planters Unlimited strives to offer a wide selection of large and custom outdoor planters built from a variety of materials. Our commercial-grade planters are all at once tough and attractive, with many designs to suit any aesthetic, from the contemporary to the traditional to the rustic. To that end, we offer custom planters using a wide variety of materials, including:

We also offer custom outdoor planter designs like:

  • Designer Planter Styles and Accents
  • Illuminated Planter Designs

Need some help choosing the right planters and options for your next project? Explore collection designs & materials, or view our Large Planters & Outdoor Planters Selection Guide, for a functional solution to bring your design to life.

Fiberglass for the Ultimate Planter Durability

When it comes to durability in design, outdoor planters made from heavy-duty fiberglass are second to none in performance. Fiberglass is marine grade and durable, yet lightweight, making fiberglass planters a smart solution for commercial projects, both indoor and out (and in all climates). The workable nature of fiberglass means endless options for creating truly custom planters—choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and color options. To further assist you, we also offer phone consultations so that we can help you customize any fiberglass planter to fit the needs of your project.

The Creative Composite: PVC

Similar to fiberglass, composite PVC planters are made from a premier composite material that is both lightweight and durable. With their clean, contemporary style, our composite PVC planters can be painted to match or complement their surroundings. These planters are also rot- and fade-resistant, and effortlessly resist the decay often associated with the heavy planting loads of commercial environments - indoors or outdoors.

Timeless Wooden Planters

For that rustic, earthy look only natural materials can provide, a wooden outdoor planter is the ideal solution. Perfect for organic gardening, health food restaurants, and other eco-friendly locales, our wood planter collection features rich cedar, redwood, and reclaimed wood. The warm appeal of a wood planter fits seamlessly on commercial patios, pool decks, day spas, mountain lodges, and rustic bed-and-breakfasts.

Stone, Stainless Steel, and Illuminated Planter Designs

Whether your project calls for the look and feel of cast stone or weathered stone, our planters made with these lightweight materials provide a sense of grandeur to commercial settings. At a fraction of the weight of real stone or concrete, cast and weathered stone outlasts them both, and won’t crack or chip in the interim.

For a solid, sophisticated look, our stainless steel planters are offered in brushed aluminum, brass, mirrored stainless steel, hammered copper, and wrought iron.

We also carry a variety of designer outdoor planters made from a mix of materials, all subject to customization too. Add some illumination for distinction or to light walkways at night. For additional information on customization of any of our planters ordered by material, please contact us about your next project.