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Illuminated Planters & Lighted Flower Pots

Illuminated Planters & Lighted Flower Pots

Illuminated Planters are an up-and-coming, ultra chic modern accessory in commercial design. Using a smart combination of form and function, these modern lighted planters accent your design space while providing a functional light source. Lighted flower pots are well suited to a range of indoor and outdoor applications including along pool decks and walkways, or encircling courtyards and rotundas.

Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated Planters, brought to you by Planters Unlimited, give architects and designers the combined, brilliant elements of design and light - all in one. These lighted flower pots come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and are built from a range of innovative materials. Also, each of these modern lighted planters has a fully reinforced fiberglass inner liner that handles your planting soil and drainage. Click on individual product icons below for more detailed information on particular styles.

For questions on standard illuminated planters or to discuss orders of custom illuminated planters,

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  1. Argento Illuminated Planter
    Argento Illuminated Planters

    Starting at $675.85

  2. Bernini Illuminated Cubes
    Illuminated Cubes

    Starting at $535.85

  3. Illuminated Spheres
    Illuminated Spheres

    Starting at $425.85

  4. Mezzaluna Illuminated Planters
    Mezzaluna Illuminated Planters

    Starting at $1,145.85

  5. Vinci Illuminated Cube Planters
  6. Messina Tapered Illuminated Planter
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Illuminated planters are found in high-end hotels and restaurants from coast to coast in the United States. Internally lit planters make an engaging focal point, whether gracing the roof top of a sky scraper or outlining a well-manicured garden on the grounds of a Five Star resort.

Landscape designers and architects add modern lighted planters to provide pathway lighting and points of interest during the day and night. Our illuminated planters can find applications in a range of commercial design spaces including urban hotels, shopping mall rotundas, country club walk ways and restaurant patios. Internally lit planters have even been spotted on the railings and decks of yachts and cruise ships. On land or at sea, illuminated planters look stunning pool side, especially when their light reflects on the still water at night.

Browse our comprehensive collection of illuminated planters, brought to you online by Planters Unlimited. Starting with a full range of shapes, we offer internally lit planters in sphere, tapered, rectangular, square, cylinder and other modified silhouettes. In addition to modern lighted planters, we also offer illuminated tables to further enhance a modish design aesthetic. Illuminated spheres are another accessory found in this collection and can work as clustered or sporadic accents in gardens, along walkways or in a commercial rotunda.

Commercial designers, architects and project planners will also find a range of sizes available for our illuminated planters and other internally lit accessories. In addition to stock sizes, Planters Unlimited offers custom ordering of illuminated planters, where possible. For custom projects with contemporary and modern lighted planters, we offer personal consultations over the phone and price estimates where your specifications can be met.

In modern commercial design, it can be hard to distinguish your property from the rest. For a smart combination of form and function, impress clients with the suggestion of chic, designer lighted planters. The understated glow of internally lit planters effortlessly charms bystanders while also providing a home for lively floral, vine or other plant arrangements.

For more information about stock or custom orders of illuminated planters please give us a call at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.