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Palo Alto Redwood Commercial Planters

Palo Alto Redwood Commercial Planters

Now, enjoy modern planter boxes with timeless appeal. The Palo Alto Commercial Outdoor Planters are made of elegant redwood, known for its trademark sienna grain and effortless durability. A towering presence in nature, Sequoia trees are reinforced by resistance to moisture rot, sun damage and bug infestations. All these qualities and more make for a large flower planter that meets, and exceeds, the mark of a heavy duty garden container.

Commercial outdoor planters made of redwood showcase tonal striations via framed, slatted planks. And moldings at the top and bottom of each large flower planter lend a refined look and robust footing. Products featured online are sold unsealed and unlined, as neither are required for display. However, fiberglass liners come highly recommended to maximize the life of the wood.

Pair the Palo Alto with other classic and modern planter boxes to incorporate plant life anywhere. Within a corporate campuses, retail district or on a restaurant patio, let the natural delight of redwood shine for your commercial design.

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