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  1. Bernini Illuminated Cubes
    Illuminated Cubes

    Starting at $550.00

  2. Illuminated Spheres
    Illuminated Spheres

    Starting at $425.00

  3. Mezzaluna Illuminated Planters
    Mezzaluna Illuminated Planters

    Starting at $1,150.00

  4. Vinci Planter Collection
    Vinci Illuminated Cube Planters

    Starting at $595.00

  5. Messina Tapered Illuminated Planter
    Messina Tapered Illuminated Planters

    Starting at $595.00

  6. Ghiberti Illuminated Planter
    Ghiberti Illuminated Round Planters

    Starting at $750.00

  7. Bellini Illuminated Planter
    Bellini Illuminated Planters

    Starting at $495.00

  8. Raphael Illuminated Planter
    Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planter

    Starting at $695.00

  9. Livio Illuminated Café Table
    Livio Illuminated Tables

    Starting at $795.00

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11 Items

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Polyethylene Planters

Polyethylene Planters

Our Polyethylene Planters, built using commercial-grade polyethylene so that they are sturdy enough for outdoor applications, are available in a variety of designs. Illuminated from within so that they emit a luminous glow, each planter design serves multiple purposes: it acts as a functional planter, as functional and mood lighting, and as a one-of-a-kind design accent. Dimly lit areas, walkways, and entryways are perfect areas to place these illuminated planters, which are available with your choice of fluorescent or LED lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from commercial-grade polyethylene
  • Multi-use planters that also serve as illumination
  • Ideal for lighting walkways, entryways, and dimly lit areas
  • Perfect for accent and mood lighting
  • Customize with fluorescent or LED lights

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