Solera PVC Window Box

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The Solera Window Box with Faux Brackets borrows from the immensely popular design of the Hampton, only is a scaled down version. Absent the top cap of the Hampton, it features three levels of distinctive trim to the front, corners and sides. Similarly sized to the Direct Mount Laguna and part of the Windowbox Estate Collection, the Solera looks even more elegant with the decorative Faux Brackets shown in the picture.

All brackets are sold separately and are for decorative purposes (not for support) and can be attached to the bottom of the box via PVC cement (recommended) or wood screws at your discretion - cement and/or screws not included. The front and both ends of the box are trimmed but the back is left flat for flush mounting to your wall.

Create a self watering window box by adding the perfectly sized reservoirs to your window box.   You simply put the reservoirs at the bottom of the window box and top it with soil.   Make sure fill tube is installed... and fill reservoir every 1-2 weeks depending on the weather.   The roots of your plants naturally wick the water up as needed, it's the right amount of water, at just the right time!

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