Artificial Hedges, Trellises & Privacy Screens

Artificial Hedges, Trellises & Privacy Screens

Privacy Planters & Artificial Hedges

Whether you are looking to define a space, direct traffic, or hide an eyesore, privacy planters and privacy screens made using artificial hedges provide a quick, impressive way to deliver on those effects.

We carry several types of artificial planters For both indoor and outdoor use as well. Our selection includes:

To find the best type of planter divider for the project, first, identify what type of coverage you need. Do you want complete coverage or a filtered view? If you need to fully block a view, a planter divider with full coverage like our artificial hedges is perfect. If you need less coverage, our semi-see-throughcommercial trellises with artificial vines would be a great choice, as would our planter screens with a plexiglass shield.

Different Plant Species Designs, Built to Last

We carry a popular selection of planter dividers made with various faux foliage types. Artificial Boxwood, Bamboo, realistic shrubbery, vines, and tall grasses. We’ve taken great care to create planter screens with artificial greenery that looks realistic, fresh, lush, and full. Plus, our greenery mats and privacy planters are made from a specially engineered polyurethane that’s blended with commercial-grade sun blocking additives during the manufacturing process. These artificial planters are tough, sturdy, and can withstand the rigors of an outdoor commercial area for years to come.

Privacy Planter Design & Customization Capabilities

The default planter we use with privacy planters is from our Modern Collection. Straight lines and a sleek exterior offer many possibilities in interior design. If you would like a different planter, please call us and we’ll work with you to start your project off right. You’re in good hands; we know our business because we do the manufacturing ourselves. We design and manufacture privacy planters and planter screens in modern and traditional styles using cast stone, fiberglass, and other top quality commercial-grade materials. And because we are a manufacturer, we can create custom privacy planters according to any specifications.

Planters Unlimited + Artificial Plants Unlimited Together Deliver on Spec.

Planters Unlimited is a premier manufacturer of tough, commercial-grade planters. We design a variety of planter styles, with special attention to detail, and we build them to withstand the harsh outdoors. The artificial hedges fixed to the planters are manufactured by our partner company - Artificial Plants Unlimited. They fabricate superior-quality, realistic-looking faux foliage. Because we team up them up with them, you get a full-scope artificial planters enterprise, and with that, the value and convenience of a one-stop-shop - especially helpful if your project requires any level of customization.

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Privacy Planters - Functional, Appealing Site Furnishings

Privacy planters and artificial hedges are both aesthetically appealing, and functional. They add an element of architectural interest and give a sense of the fresh outdoors. As functional amenities, they are often used to divide patios, create privacy nooks, or to cover up utility elements like restaurant service stations, A/C units, electrical boxes.

If you need a custom quote or have questions about any of our privacy planters or artificial planters, please contact us and we’ll provide you with ideas, information, and a free quote. No obligation. 888-320-0626.

Artificial Planters with Enduring Appeal

Using commercial privacy screens is a convenient and inexpensive way to conceal or separate functional spaces, either indoors or out. Whether you need to create privacy between restaurant patrons or need to block views into bussing areas, artificial screening hedges and patio dividers provide an elegant way to address these issues.

They also offer functionality in hotels, business offices, civic buildings, and more. When used as dividers in hotel ballrooms, at trade shows or conferences, they beautifully and effectively separate spaces for vendors, clients, guests, and more.

We design each of our artificial hedge walls, panels, and dividers with premium quality commercial grade materials. Quality that allows us to create detailed leaves, true-to-life colors and a hardiness that can handle outdoor and commercial areas. Plus, our artificial plants resist fading because we add UV protectants into resins during the manufacturing process. You’ll enjoy many years of vibrant faux foliage.

Trellis Dividers with UV-Protcted Artificial Vines

In addition to English Ivy and Boxwood hedge dividers, we also carry commercial trellises with artificial vines laced into the lattice. These serve as visually stunning, effective patio dividers that are often seen in outdoor seating areas and wedding venues.

Artificial Planters in Outdoor Applications

Artificial hedges in Boxwood or Bamboo work great to block views on balconies and terraces. Artificial hedges can also be placed in pool areas to line pedestrian walkways and provide privacy. They’re often used as sidewalk cafe barriers, and as restaurant parklet planters. Chances are you’ve seen restaurants with outdoor seating spaces enclosed by artificial planters!

Artificial Planters In Architecture and Decor

Well designed artificial hedge planters can be seen as architectural features in their own right. Tall artificial Boxwood panels can provide a striking backdrop to a bare patio. They can be used to delineate different sections of a courtyard, but a look better suited to an outdoor aesthetic. Depending on what style and foliage type you choose, artificial planters can add texture and greenery to expansive walls and open spaces.

Artificial hedges can be incorporated into interior design as well. Because they bring “the outdoors in”, any space enhanced with greenery – either live or artificial – is instilled with a sense of fresh calm. They make great backdrops in many settings – businesses, schools, medical offices, and many other institutions.

If you would like to know more about our privacy planter customization capabilities, please call and we’ll provide you with ideas, information, and a no obligation free quote. 888-320-0626.