Bamboo Groves

Bamboo Groves

Our artificial Bamboo Groves act as natural-looking privacy screens and space dividers, and their beauty makes them the perfect design accent or backdrop for spas and other relaxing environments. Lifelike bamboo canes won’t detract from natural, outdoor settings, and are great for filtered privacy and lining walkways. Made from high-quality, UV-protected polyurethane, our hand-assembled Bamboo Groves will maintain their beauty without fading in outdoor environments. No watering or fertilizing needed—and you won’t have to worry about uncontrolled growth or pests!


Choose from several bamboo heights and two cane colors. Bamboo canes are available individually or by the cluster. In-planter options are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural design that mimics real bamboo
  • Perfect for privacy screens and space dividers
  • Modern design accent for contemporary settings
  • Fully customizable design, including cane color and height


  • Cane color
  • Cane height
  • In planter
  • Planter size, shape, color, and finish
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Outdoor Rated, Artificial Hedge Panels for Use in Commercial Spaces

Using commercial privacy screens is a convenient and inexpensive way to conceal or separate functional spaces, either indoors or out. Whether you need to create privacy between restaurant patrons or need to block views into bussing areas, artificial screening hedges and patio dividers provide an elegant way to address these issues.

They also offer functionality in hotels, business offices, civic buildings, and more. When used as dividers in hotel ballrooms, at trade shows or conferences, they beautifully and effectively separate spaces for vendors, clients, guests, and more.

We design each of our artificial hedge walls, panels, and dividers with premium quality commercial grade materials. Our artificial hedge panels will resist fading because we add UV protectants into the molds and materials during the manufacturing process. 

UV Rated Trellis Dividers

In addition to ivy and boxwood hedge dividers, we also carry commercial trellises pre-populated with artificial vines intertwined into the lattice. These serve as effective patio dividers in outdoor seating areas and wedding venues. 

Artificial Hedge Panels in Outdoor Applications

Artificial hedge panels in artificial boxwood or bamboo work great as screens to block street views on balconies or terraces. Artificial hedge walls can also be placed in pool areas to delineate pedestrian walkways and provide privacy from the street to the pool. 

 Outdoor Dividers In Architecture and Decor

 Outdoor screens can be used as an architectural feature in their own right, especially large screens or artificial hedge walls or panels when used as patio dividers. They can add textured plants and greenery to blank spaces, walls, and campuses when used in a large panel form.

 Artificial hedge screens can be incorporated into interior designs as well. Because they bring “the outdoors in”, any space enhanced with greenery – either live or artificial – adds a sense of calm and freshness. They make great backdrops in many environments – businesses, schools, medical offices, and many other institutions.   

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