Bamboo Groves

Bamboo Groves

Our artificial Bamboo Groves act as natural-looking privacy screens and space dividers, and their beauty makes them the perfect design accent or backdrop for spas and other relaxing environments. Lifelike bamboo canes won’t detract from natural, outdoor settings, and are great for filtered privacy and lining walkways. Made from high-quality, UV-protected polyurethane, our hand-assembled Bamboo Groves will maintain their beauty without fading in outdoor environments. No watering or fertilizing needed—and you won’t have to worry about uncontrolled growth or pests!


Choose from several bamboo heights and two cane colors. Bamboo canes are available individually or by the cluster. In-planter options are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural design that mimics real bamboo
  • Perfect for privacy screens and space dividers
  • Modern design accent for contemporary settings
  • Fully customizable design, including cane color and height


  • Cane color
  • Cane height
  • In planter
  • Planter size, shape, color, and finish

Using A Privacy Screen For Space Definition

Using a privacy screen to establish space definition can be a convenient and inexpensive way to separate functional spaces, either indoors or out. Set in attractive modern commercial planters populated with live plants growing up a trellis to separate outdoor cafe seating areas from the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk beside them. Another great use of outdoor privacy screens is to incorporate artificial boxwood or bamboo as patio screens that block the view on apartment balconies and the like. Yet a third convenient use for space dividers is to incorporate them as a patio privacy screen for pools to prevent pedestrians at hotels or apartment complexes from walking into the pool area.

Outdoor and Indoor Use for Space Divider Planters

Outdoor screens can also be used as an architectural feature in their own right--one that conveys a sense of place, adding beauty in blank spaces on a business campus, around a tranquil koi pond, or to flank pedestrian walkways. By the same token, space divider planters can be incorporated in your interior design scheme as well. For example, live or artificial snake grass, bamboo, or colorful flowers set in lovely commercial planters along a bank of windows can add just the ‘green space' people enjoy, bringing the outside in. Space dividers also offer lots of functionality in hotels, business offices, civic buildings, and more. When used as a room divider in a hotel ballroom, trade shows, or at conferences, for example, they can effectively separate space for vendors, clients, guests, and more.

A Wide Variety of Space Divider Products and Styles

Options abound for plant life to fill your space divider commercial planter. You can populate them with grasses, build boxwood cages to block views completely or delineate space more fully. Another option is to set trellises inside the planter and add live or faux, vining plants for a garden look that can be used effectively outside or even indoors. They make wonderful design elements in their own right, when set near a gurgling brook outdoors or situated behind a reception area in a commercial building indoors. We also offer a wide variety of planters to choose from. Select a Modern fiberglass planter, a classical design, or even traditional look in wood, PVC, or GFRC. Custom orders are always welcome. We build to suit your needs.