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Trellis Planter Boxes with Artificial Vines

Trellis Planter Boxes with Artificial Vines

Planters with Trellises &
Indoor or Outdoor Artificial Vines

Our trellis planter boxes are a combination of large fiberglass planters and sturdy trellises made of either fiberglass or metal. This combination of planters with trellises attached has been a part of garden and landscape design for eons, but it's only in today's era that we've perfected the construction of these versatile structures.

Now, we still see them in residential gardenscapes, but more and more we are seeing them pop up in commercial sites such as office lobbies, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Trellis planters not only serve a variety of both decorative and utilitarian functions that public-use spaces need, but modern materials and techniques have increased the durability of these structures, making them a wise investment as well.

Commercial Trellis Uses

Planters with trellises attached provide a strong vertical element to break up flat, expansive spaces. You'll see trellis planter boxes in many commercial spots used in this manner.

Restaurants: In restaurants, you'll find them on patios where they create intimate dining areas or block views into waiter stations.

Parklets: Also, restaurant parklets are on the rise, and trellis planter boxes with artificial vines provide a quick and attractive way to establish the perimeter of any parklet.

Office Buildings: Commercial office buildings often use large planters with trellises as backdrops in lobbies and on-site cafes.

Travel, Tourism, Entertainment: Travel, tourism, and entertainment venues use trellis planter boxes and artificial vines as elegant crowd control systems, and to direct foot traffic. Hotels also use them in lobbies against walls, hallways, and balconies.

No matter where they are placed, they undoubtedly add an element of style.

Trellis Planter Boxes in Residential Use

Residences of all kinds use planters with trellises for both decorative and horticultural purposes. In horticulture, trellis planters are useful tools when dealing with garden crops. Fruit trees, berry bushes, and squash plants all do well with trellis cultivation. But trellis planter boxes are mostly used as ornamental features in residential design. Gardens, courtyards, pergolas, patios, entryways, balconies, pool areas, and terraces all have a use for trellis planter boxes. They add an element of style, greenery, and privacy as well. When you take an impressive planter, lush greenery, and blossoming flowers on a trellis, your surroundings take on a finished look. And having artificial vines and flowers in place of live plants means no maintenance or pesky upkeep. You can enjoy the look of lush vegetation in your home without a hassle.

Outdoor Planter Boxes with Trellises Lend a Timeless Appeal

The appeal of these structures is universal and timeless, spanning the ages across countries and continents. They may have been created out of horticultural necessity, but even now, as then, their presence positively affects our senses with their visual appeal. This visual appeal is magnified with large versions such as those in our line of trellis planter boxes. Whatever your design is going for - function or beauty - or both, planter trellises with artificial flowers are a perfect solution for your decorative and/or functional needs.

If you would like to find out more about our trellis planters, artificial plants or trade program, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please call 1-888-320-0626 or complete this online contact form.

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Privacy Planters - Functional, Appealing Site Furnishings

Privacy planters and artificial hedges are both aesthetically appealing, and functional. They add an element of architectural interest and give a sense of the fresh outdoors. As functional amenities, they are often used to divide patios, create privacy nooks, or to cover up utility elements like restaurant service stations, A/C units, electrical boxes.

If you need a custom quote or have questions about any of our privacy planters or artificial planters, please contact us and we’ll provide you with ideas, information, and a free quote. No obligation. 888-320-0626.

Artificial Planters with Enduring Appeal

Using commercial privacy screens is a convenient and inexpensive way to conceal or separate functional spaces, either indoors or out. Whether you need to create privacy between restaurant patrons or need to block views into bussing areas, artificial screening hedges and patio dividers provide an elegant way to address these issues.

They also offer functionality in hotels, business offices, civic buildings, and more. When used as dividers in hotel ballrooms, at trade shows or conferences, they beautifully and effectively separate spaces for vendors, clients, guests, and more.

We design each of our artificial hedge walls, panels, and dividers with premium quality commercial grade materials. Quality that allows us to create detailed leaves, true-to-life colors and a hardiness that can handle outdoor and commercial areas. Plus, our artificial plants resist fading because we add UV protectants into resins during the manufacturing process. You’ll enjoy many years of vibrant faux foliage.

Trellis Dividers with UV-Protcted Artificial Vines

In addition to English Ivy and Boxwood hedge dividers, we also carry commercial trellises with artificial vines laced into the lattice. These serve as visually stunning, effective patio dividers that are often seen in outdoor seating areas and wedding venues.

Artificial Planters in Outdoor Applications

Artificial hedges in Boxwood or Bamboo work great to block views on balconies and terraces. Artificial hedges can also be placed in pool areas to line pedestrian walkways and provide privacy. They’re often used as sidewalk cafe barriers, and as restaurant parklet planters. Chances are you’ve seen restaurants with outdoor seating spaces enclosed by artificial planters!

Artificial Planters In Architecture and Decor

Well designed artificial hedge planters can be seen as architectural features in their own right. Tall artificial Boxwood panels can provide a striking backdrop to a bare patio. They can be used to delineate different sections of a courtyard, but a look better suited to an outdoor aesthetic. Depending on what style and foliage type you choose, artificial planters can add texture and greenery to expansive walls and open spaces.

Artificial hedges can be incorporated into interior design as well. Because they bring “the outdoors in”, any space enhanced with greenery – either live or artificial – is instilled with a sense of fresh calm. They make great backdrops in many settings – businesses, schools, medical offices, and many other institutions.

If you would like to know more about our privacy planter customization capabilities, please call and we’ll provide you with ideas, information, and a no obligation free quote. 888-320-0626.